ROWE your way to Success

August 2016, I started off with my first consulting assignment with a small client.  Eager to bring in a change and with the new found freedom of being on my own, I was very excited at the opportunity that was ahead of me.  Here is a chance for me to create something that I very much wanted to, an organization that creates joy at work and a learning environment based on trust and collaboration.  As soon as I stepped into the office the first thing that greeted me was an attendance register.   All employees were expected to fill the time in and time out on a daily basis. Wait! Not all employees. Those who were considered seniors were not expected to but rest of them had to. 
Innocently, I was asking about the purpose of the register, as if I did not know. Prompt came the response, it is to see when does an employee come in and go. Here again with all the innocence I ask, “How does it matter? Can you not define the deliverable and not worry about how long they spend in office. After al…